Sleep Basics

How to Sleep Better and Fix Insomnia in 30 Days with a Plan and Advice

You've finally reached your breaking point: after another night spent tossing and turning, a morning where you struggle to get out of bed, and a day fighting sleepiness and fatigue, you are committed to trying to sleep better and fixing your insomnia. This can be a significant and life-changing goal, and it can also be a little intimidating without a plan. Where should you even begin? Fortunately, there are a series of specific changes you can make that will help you to sleep better.

How Morning Sunlight Can Change Your Sleep

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Chances are that it doesn't involve getting prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. How might this undermine your ability to sleep? Learn how exposure to morning sunlight may help you to sleep better, especially if you have a circadian rhythm disorder.

The 10 Worst Ways to Ruin Your Sleep

If you are not sleeping well, you may be interested in learning about the possible causes. What if something you are doing is ruining your sleep? Review the 10 worst ways to ruin your sleep, from drinking caffeine too late to lying in bed awake. You may find the reason that you have insomnia and finally get the sleep that you need to function at your best. Discover more in this Verywell article by Dr. Peters.