NodPod Promises Comfortable Sleep While Traveling with Accessories

By Brandon Peters, MD

It should hardly be surprising that the U-shaped neck pillow is not the last word in travel accessories meant to enhance sleep. A new company, NodPod, offers a pillow brace and a blanket to aid sleep through its Kickstarter fundraiser.

If you have ever tried to doze off in an upright seat, especially if you are sitting just ahead of the exit row on a plane, you may be well-acquainted with the desperation that may ensue. Unless you can cozy up to the window, or a travel companion, you may never get comfortable. The pillows issued by the airline are virtually worthless. Most travel pillows may add a little support to your neck, but the position may not be fully natural. Into the void, place a NOD.

The NOD has been referred to as a "head hammock." With a memory foam support, it suspends the head from a set of tethers secured to the seat. Imagine a bulky cushion for a shoulder strap tucked under your chin and you get the idea. Though not particularly attractive, it might prevent unnecessary head bobbing.

The companion POD is a blanket that can be used as a wrap while traveling.

For further advice on how to sleep best on a plane, or on how to adjust to jet lag, consider some additional reading. If you really do get to sleep, you might also wonder how to avoid snoring on a flight. Sweet dreams and safe travels.

Brandon Peters, MD, is the writer on sleep for, a neurology-trained sleep medicine specialist at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, and adjunct lecturer at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine.