Welcome to BrandonPetersMD.com!

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to this exciting new resource! As a leading expert in the field, I am pleased to offer a novel collection of content that illuminates the fascinating world of sleep medicine. This site will serve to comprehensively detail my ongoing work. There is biographical information about my education and experiences as well as highlights of my research. It is also possible to contact me to discuss consulting work and other services.

Exclusive blog posts will appear here, including commentary on recent news stories. After publishing more than 1000 articles on sleep over the past decade, now featured on Verywell, the very best content will be curated here. There will also be updated links to my social media accounts and writing as it appears in The Huffington Post and other publications.

For interested parties, consultations via the SleepTM or eVisit telemedicine interfaces are available (currently limited to California residents and excluding Medicare and some insurers). It is also possible to establish referrals to my current clinical practice in Novato, just 25 miles from San Francisco in the northern part of Marin County in California.

Perhaps most exciting, by early 2017 there will be a unique opportunity to access a handbook for a self-guided program to resolve insomnia. Based on the best science of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI), and complemented by my years of experience, this eBook resource has the potential to change lives. It will also provide access to exclusive audio and video files securely hosted on this site that will enhance the experience. 

I am excited to share these opportunities with you. I hope that you find these resources to be informative and useful, and that they ultimately lead you on the path towards healthy sleep.

~Dr. Peters