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We are pleased to announce that the full version of the Insomnia Solved program, created and updated by Brandon Peters, MD, is now available. It includes a library of curated resources that can help to cure insomnia. By purchasing the program, you will have access to the complete collection:

  • NEw! Fully illustrated 154-Page e-Book

  • Complementary audio files

  • Exclusive Presentations and figures

  • related Articles for further reading

Based on the latest advances in sleep research and Dr. Peters's extensive clinical experience in treating sleep disorders, this self-guided program can help to resolve chronic insomnia. 

Based on the Science of Insomnia Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) is often structured as a   6-week treatment program that can help people who have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or find that sleep is unrefreshing. CBTI is scientifically proven, highly effective, and does not rely on medications. CBTI has life-long benefits and most participants report improved sleep satisfaction. Insomnia Solved is based on the core features of this treatment.

CBTI Components

  • Education on normal sleep and the factors that affect sleep quality and quantity
  • Identifying triggers of insomnia as well as ways that these can be defused
  • Review of the circadian rhythm and homeostatic sleep drive and how these impact sleep
  • Overview of sleeping pills and how tolerance reduces their effectiveness
  • Developing healthy and effective sleep behaviors
  • Learning skills to calm the mind and manage stress
  • Individualized sleep-wake schedule program
  • Eliminating thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that compromise sleep
  • Coping strategies to respond to sleep loss and preserve daytime function

More than basic sleep advice

If basic sleep advice worked, you wouldn't be here. CBTI is much more than simple recommendations that improve sleep habits.  Dr. Peters was trained to conduct CBTI at Stanford University, where he continues to serve as a clinical faculty affiliate. Over the past several years, he has helped hundreds of people with insomnia resolve their condition. He now leads a group CBTI workshop at Virginia Mason in Seattle. Alternatively, Insomnia Solved is a self-guided program available for purchase for $79.  

Who benefits?

Anyone with insomnia — no matter how long they have had it or what causes it. This individualized program will address the specific goals you have related to your insomnia. For some, this may mean falling asleep more easily, sleeping through the night, sleeping without the use of pills, or improving daytime fatigue. The program can also help young children who are resistant to bedtime, adolescents or adults who stay up late and sleep in, or people with recurrent nightmares.

Does Research Suggest that Insomnia Solved Works?

Analysis of hundreds of patients who have completed the Insomnia Solved program demonstrates its effectiveness. This research data will be presented at the SLEEP 2017 meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in Boston. The average age of participants was 60 years old and the majority (63%) were women. Sleeping pills were frequently used when people started the program (by 77% of subjects), but they weren't working that well.

Based on self-reported sleep logs, it was taking an average of 45 minutes to fall asleep at the beginning of the night and another            46 minutes were spent awake in the night once sleep was initiated. By the end of the program, just 6 weeks later, these same individuals were falling asleep on average in 22 minutes and spending only 27 minutes awake at night. All without the use of their sleeping pills! They were also sleeping more on average. The skills learned as part of Insomnia Solved convey lifelong benefits to sleep. What do you have to lose?

Response to Insomnia Solved Program

Insomnia Solved is a self-guided CBTI program created by Brandon Peters, MD. For the introductory price of $79, the Insomnia Solved program includes full access to exclusive multimedia content created by Dr. Peters, including the 154-page eBook, audio files, presentations, figures, and further resources. Access is now available with more content to be added in 2017.

As an example, the following content constitutes Week 1 of the program:

  • Introduction to CBTI (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) (audio file)
  • Week 1 eBook (40-page PDF)
  • Sleep Log (1-page PDF)
  • Insomnia Solved Week 1 Education Slides (9-page PDF)
  • Week 1 Education (15-minute audio file)

Each week of the Insomnia Solved program includes similar resources, building on the content and skills learned.

This content is password-protected and accessible only to clients. Purchase of the program will allow 1 year of unlimited access to the content starting from the date of purchase, subject to terms of the user agreement.

Dr. Peters is pleased to share 25% of all revenues generated
from the sales of this program to support the educational

mission of the Virginia Mason Sleep Disorders Center in Seattle.

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