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Brandon Peters, MD is a board-certified neurologist and sleep physician. He is a leading voice in sleep medicine, having written more than 1000 articles over the past decade that are read by millions of people each year. He is a clinical faculty affiliate at Stanford University. He lectures extensively, works at the cutting edge of telemedicine and insomnia therapy, and provides comprehensive resources and consulting services to advance the field.

Welcome! We continue to work to actively develop and expand the resources provided. In particular, the Insomnia Solved program is changing weekly as new content is revised and created. Please check back often for new updates over the next few weeks. Cheers, Dr. Peters


See Dr. Peters's content from Very Well, his blog, and a collection of his publications and appearances in other news outlets.

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Fix your insomnia

Use Dr. Peters's six-week program to learn sleep management skills, fix your insomnia now and if it returns, and have great sleep  — without any medication at all.

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